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Plaston Granule Finishes

Plaston GRANULE finishes are 100% acrylic and polymer based wall coatings. All Plaston GRANULE finishes are factory mixed and integrally pigmented. They are designed to provide decorative, durable and protective wall coatings for exterior applications, available in different textures, finishes, and in an unlimited array of colors. Also Plaston GRANULE finishes provide a textured coating for substrates like concrete, stucco, and unit masonry and they can be used for any Plaston EIF system.

Textures and Color

The Plaston GRANULE finishes are available in eight different textures and 70 standard colors. Custom colors are available upon request. Precautions

Drying Time.

The drying time depends upon weather conditions. The Plaston GRANULE shall be protected from rain or adverse drying conditions for at least 24 hrs. Cool and humid weather significantly extends curing time.

Surface Preparation

Mixing Instructions

Application Procedure

  1. Using the flat edge of a stainless steel trowel, apply the Plaston GRANULE finish to the wall at a thickness slightly thicker than the largest aggregate. Spread evenly, and scrape down to a thickness equal to the size of the largest aggregate.
  2. Start floating the finish coat immediately to achieve the final texture. The finish should be applied continuously, working to a wet edge, so as to eliminate cold joints. The finish should be protected from rain and freezing until completely dries.
  3. When using a roller or sprayer, apply in a smooth and even coat maintaining a wet edge.

Packaging and Storage

Plaston GRANULE is packaged in five gallon (70lb) plastic pails and should be stored in its original shipping container at temperature not less than 40°F (4°C) or greater than 110°F (43°C), away from direct sunlight, off the ground, and in a cool and dry area.Plaston GRANULE has a shelf life of 12 months when properly stored and sealed.
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